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    • Dennis with his Cape Buffalo April 20, 2012
      Dennis with his Cape Buffalo, originally uploaded by Hunting Legends Africa. Advertisements
    • VISIT OUR NEW SITE October 31, 2008
      We would like to use this opportunity to invite you to visit our new wordpress.org blog: Real Africa Safari Holdings We are confident that you will find our new website and blog, a whole lot more interesting and dynamic, so please visit us now. Thank you for your support and God bless.
    • Panthera Pardus – LEOPARD’S October 20, 2008
      KINGS of African tribes wear cloaks of leopard skin as these beautiful animals are a symbol of power. It is known for its ferocity and, after the Cape Buffalo, is the second most dangerous animal in Africa. Resources however indicate that Hippo are the biggest killers, this is however not due to their ferocity, however […]
      This a long article, however, we believe an informative one and you should enjoy this if you are hunting fanatics like we are. Most seasoned hunters and gun fanatics may find this article as old news, however, if you are a hunter who packs out the rifles once a year, and want to improve your general […]
    • Hart Rifle Agents now appointed in Africa October 19, 2008
      RW HART & SON appoints REAL AFRICA SAFARI HOLDINGS as official agent in Africa Real Africa Safari Holdings is proud to announce that it has recently been appointed by Bobby Hart (President of RW HART & SON) as the official agents for Hart Rifles and Custom barrels in Africa. Custom rifles bearing HART barrels are […]
    • Record breaking trophies can still be hunted in Africa October 14, 2008
      Huge Record Breaking Trophies can still be hunted in Africa. Finding good quality trophy’s in Africa is becoming more and more difficult. This is largely due to the huge amounts of outfittters and operators who have entered this market. Quite a few of these are luring naive and non-informed hunters from the east (China), whom are lured into […]
    • PLAINS GAME HUNT SPECIAL 2008 October 14, 2008
      YEAR END SPECIALS FOR 2008 As the year draws to an end we, we want to use this opportunity to thank all of our friends who have hunted with this us year. We look forward to seeing you soon at the annual shows in the USA. WE STILL HOWEVER HAVE SOME EXCELLENT HUNTS AVAILABLE for 2008: […]
    • Ethical Hunting Report October 14, 2008
      WARNING This is a website for ‘Professional Hunters’, and not ‘Opportunitist Killers’ If you are an ethical Hunter, you have come to the right place! We are first conservationists, and then hunters! We are professional hunters, and not opportunist killers. If you are looking for a fair-chase hunt you have come to the right place. (If you […]
    • Long distance shooting – See the pro’s in action right here! October 11, 2008
      HART CUSTOM RIFLES – THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS If you haven’t shot with a 30 Hart Rifle yet, you ain’t seen nothing yet. No matter what you are shooting at, chances with a Hart Rifle is one hundred percent. As Bobby says: “They can run, but they will just die tired” Should you need […]
    • Sniper rifles – this is how to shoot October 11, 2008
      HUNT WITH RW HART & SON: THE TRUSTED NAME IN LONG DISTANCE SHOOTING Watch a Bobby Hart custom 30 Hart Rifle take a long shot at a kudu in Africa. If you haven’t shot with a 30 Hart Rifle yet, you ain’t seen nothing yet. No matter what you are shooting at, chances with a […]
    • Where to hunt in Africa October 11, 2008
      PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VISIT OUR BOOKING PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION “When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world” George Washington Carver REAL AFRICA SAFARI HOLDINGS INVITES YOU ON AN UNFORGETTABLE SAFARI Perhaps you are one of the privileged few in this world, […]
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“The empty campfire”

Now that you have left, our campfire is empty, our hearts are lonely, and yet our memories are filled with great friends we have just met. This is our “campfire blog”, where friends still meet, say hello, share their hunting tales and experience’s amongst each other. A forum where we stay in touch, make new friends, and keep the campfire’s of our friendship burning!

Please don’t leave our campfire empty, share your stories, news, experiences and let’s keep our friendship kindled.

We can’t wait to have you back, best of wishes and may God Bless you!

Your friends in Africa!


4 Responses

  1. Hallo there and thanks for visiting the blog!

    We are looking forward to hearing from you again and sharing our stories, experiences and news with each other.

    If this is your first time, please don’t leave without telling us more about yourself, share your experiences with us and hopefully we will meet soon.

    To all our old friends out there – hell guys and girls, we really are missing you and can’t wait to hear from you.

    Regards to all and may God Bless you!

    Your friends in Africa!


    Hi guys!

    We are really missing you guys, and look forward to hearing from you soon. We also want to use this opportunity to thank you guy’s for a fantastic time we had.

    We especially want to thank Bobby Hart of RW HART & SON for introducing us to the SPORTSMEN of NORTH AMERICA TEAM! Thanks Bobby!

    And last but not least, thanks to SPORTSMEN of NORTH AMERICA!

    Keith Powell (owner) and Heath Painter (Director). Guys we had a swell time and are looking forward to the great REAL AFRICA DVD you guys will be producing for us. We not only enjoyed the hunt with you, but believe we made good friends too.

    Hell, and the long shots you guys took, was unbelievable! First Heath, the 680 yard shot on your springbuck still has Chris phoning his friends. And then Keith, minutes later you did that 625 yard shot on yor springbuck. Man guys this was shooting at its best.

    It just goes to show, A HART RIFLE built by BOBBY them, really packs the right stuff. For all the new readers to our blog – these Hart Rifles are the real deal!


    Keep well guy’s and let’s here from you soon.

    Phillip, Ronnie, Kobus and Andre


    Reading the above comment you may have thought we forgot about you Jerry?

    Well, we didn’t and as they say, we leave the best for last. Jerry, thanks a million for hunting with us again this year, and congratulations on your elephant!

    We truly miss all the laughs and the jokes man!

    Seeing that we cant talk all the time, perhaps you can join us on the ‘blog’ and share some jokes with all our friends right here! How about that Jerry?

    Come on Mr Davenport – we are waiting!

    Keep well friend and have a great day!

    Your friends in Africa
    Phillip, Ronnie, Kobus and Andre


    Although it has been nearly two weeks now, we have only now plucked-up the courage to post the passing away of a good old friend of ours – Mr Hans Koch.

    Hans was the owner of La Rochelle, one of the best and most well known hunting ranches in Namibia. Hans passed away unexpectedly in early October 2008. He will be dearly missed and leaves a void in our hearts and soles.

    Real Africa Safari Holdings, together with our sister company Africa Thirstland Safaris in Namibia, has the hunting rights on La Rochelle. We tend to keep our commitments to Hans and will continue to manage La Rochelle for the better of his family, and for all the friends who have come to love hunting at La Rochelle.

    Hans will be missed dearly and together with his wife Rachel, we will honour him, by managing his beloved La Rochelle to the best of our abilities.

    Ronnie Webster a senior partner will be moving to La Rochelle and be taking over the reigns as reserve and lodge manager. We promise to maintain the quality and service of La Rochelle, for which it has become famous for, and endeavour to bring to fruit all the plans Hans’ has envisioned and planned for this beautifull ranch. Your home – away from home, was Hans’ familiar quote.

    We know that Hans has moved onto happier hunting grounds and that his watchfull and friendly eyes will still be on us.

    May you rest in peace our friend.

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